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Visitors to the festival, dressed in costume, are invited to join in the grand procession around town, and afterwards to take part in the costume competition. The parade features novelty acts, and Queen Victoria herself.


The parade will assemble at County Square, and starts at 3pm on both days of the festival. Anyone can join in, and you don't need to register beforehand.

The parade will be led by Councillor Michelle Scrogham, Ulverston’s Town Mayor, accompanied by traditional marching bands. On Saturday, St Andrews Pipe Band will lead, and Ulverston Town Band will take up the rear. On Sunday, Ulverston Town Band will lead.

The parade will process along New Market Street, then turns right into Market Street to the junction of Union Street, where it turns left. At the far end of Union Street, the parade turns left into Fountain Street and continues round into King Street, going past Market Place and on to Queen Street, before turning left into Benson Street, finishing at the stage in Theatre Street Food Court, where judging will take place.


There are various prize categories for the costume competition, including child aged up to 13 years, lady's outfit, gent's outfit, steam punk, and Dickensian character. There is also a prize on Saturday for best whiskers, and on Sunday for most imaginative bonnet.

Please do not stand on the County Square roundabout when assembling for the parade outside The Coro, as the roundabout will remain open to traffic. Fountain Street, King Street and Queen Street will be temporarily closed to traffic while the parade passes through, and will be open to traffic at all other times.

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